Posted by: Captain Howdy | July 4, 2015

Joel Osteen and Satanism in the Church

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” – Aleister Crowley

When I first read the title of this video I thought it was outlandish but I watched it anyway. I got turned off by the guy using a Hebrew name for Jesus so I turned the video off and did not watch all of it. But months later I watched the whole video and I have to agree. There is much Satanism in the Christian Church and Joel Osteen is one of it’s high-priest. But this video is not just about Osteen. It is about the philosophy of Satanism in the church. Here are some reasons I agree with the video.

First the Word of Faith teaching of Positive Confession is very New Age and is really witchcraft cloaked in Christian terms. And clearly many in the church think that Satan is not a literal person or figure, statistics bear this out. And that my friends is the most prominent feature of Satanism – the idea that Satan is just a personification of evil traits. And certainly nobody teaches, inadvertently at least, the exaltation of self and mankind like Joel Osteen does. His gospel is the gospel of me, myself and I. And that is very essence of Satan and the Satanist gospel.

Everyone who pays attention knows that Osteen does not say anything about Sin, the Devil and Hell. And if you pay attention you will notice that he does often betray “the enemy” (ie, the Devil) as faulty characteristics of ourselves. And that is very much Satanism and Joel Osteen is a big influence in bringing this Satanism (satanic philosophy) into the church. And by not preaching on Sin and Hell,, he might as well be endorsing the words of Aleister Crowley that I opened this post with, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”



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