Posted by: Damon Whitsell | September 29, 2012

I have been so very blessed to meet many people who have left the Word of Faith Movement and teachings. And it is totally awesome that so many of them have shared their hearts and lifes, on my site, to help others get free from the DOUBLE B
IND that is the WoF.

This lady here has her own blog and post regularly on it. She is hitting her stride, opening her heart and sharing her studies and meditations. SHE IS GOING TO HELP SO MANY PEOPLE. Please visit her and giver her some support – it’s tough taking a stand like she is doing, and she sill get attacked often for it – so I am sure she could use some encouragement.

If you would like to ready about 50 ex-WoF testimonies – visit my page here.

Experience in the Word of Faith

Word Faith teachers knowingly keep their followers in a state of confusion by teaching conflicting messages. Their basic premise is working the word correctly will work for you. The messages are about how YOU have to believe and SAY the correct positive confession in order to live the abundant life God has intended for you. Sickness and lack is not an indication of success and you can’t help build the Kingdom if you don’t….look the part. The King’s kids should look like they are children of a king…so they say.

One night, I was thinking about how blessed I am that the Lord opened my eyes to see the darkness I was in. But when I think about my blessings, I always think about the people I know who are still being lulled to sleep and being fed poison week after week with word faith teachings.

I remember many times…

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