Posted by: Captain Howdy | January 14, 2012

Paul Coughlin: No More Mr. Christian Nice Guy – Was Jesus a Wimp Or A Warrior?

This is the best hour long video I have watched in a long time. Have you ever run across a Christian that always goes with the flow, never makes waves, never contends for the faith and is eewwy and gooee and fluffy like cotton candy,, but has no character and substance? The kind that will try to make you feel bad if you stand up for anything. And do you tend to be that way, more concerned with what others think of you than doing what Jesus really did? If so this video is for you. It is even for you if your man is kinda wimpy and a pushover. I hope you guys will enjoy this and I am sure most of you will.

FROM THE VIDEO DESRIPTION. “Paul Couglin (author of No More Christian Nice Guy) speaks on the effeminate, nice and passive nature of some Christian men that is destructive to their lives and church. Instead of being nice, Coughlin stresses that men should be good. He shows Christian men are to be faithful, courageous, confrontational, brave, active, loving and protective.”

“So you have enemies, GOOD, that means you have stood up for something in your life.” – Winston Churchill


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