Posted by: Captain Howdy | April 19, 2010

Church Shopping? Don’t Make a Grave Mistake!

A Grave Mistake

It is a grave mistake to judge a pastor by the size of his congregation or building. In my former denomination, it was thought that where the crowds were going is where God is moving. Nothing can be further from the truth. That would be like judging a Father by the size of his house.

The best preachers that I have ever heard in my life are in small churches. And the very best pastors that I have known are from small churches. I used to look at a small church building on the side of the road and wonder why they haven’t grown in that last hundred years. I figured that if God was blessing then it would be growing.

I have visited many churches over the years. Recently I have attended several services at Mega Churches in Birmingham such as the Church at Brook Hills and Oak Mountain Presbyterian. Great churches, with great pastors. But my point is that there are phenomenal pastors and preachers in less affluent churches.

I visited a tiny wood frame church in the backwoods a few weeks ago. This particular church has been in existence in that same building since the Civil War. I was blessed to hear two different preachers and was extremely impressed with their level of preaching. I was amazed at the quality.

I have a MP3 player filled with unknown preachers from small churches. They are every bit as anointed and skilled as the famous preachers at the big churches. The facts are, that most Christians across the world attend churches with less than 65 members. There are secret church houses all over China, that are experiencing God in mighty ways.

I guess my point or observation is that too much emphasis is put on our church society on how big and fancy ones church building is, or how large the crowds are. Heck, even Jesus was only running 120 at the church He started. And that was after His church split in John 6:66.

So, next time you are out church shopping, just don’t go to the fancy church everyone is bragging about, go check out some small churches too. You just might find the best pastor and preacher in the whole world.



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