Posted by: John Edwards | June 19, 2009

My Old Word Of Faith God

My Word Of Faith God

My Word of Faith God is quite different than the God that I serve now. No where close.

Our associate pastor, Brad, has been teaching on the attributes of God at his house on Wednesday nights. Everything that I am learning is different from what I was taught by Kenneth Hagin and other instructors at RHEMA Bible Training Center.

In one of my first classes at RHEMA, the instructor asked: “What does God look like?”. He then went on to read several passages from the Bible about the finger of God, the eyes of the Lord, the right arm of God and so on. The conclusion was that God looks like a man. That is exactly what the Mormons believe. “As were are, God once was, as God is, we shall be” is a favorite doctrinal saying of the Mormon Church. That is very similar to the Word of Faith God that has a human shaped body. Kenneth Hagin claimed that he saw the outline of God’s throne while he was on one of his trips to Heaven, but the Bible states that God is a spirit and that he is invisible. The Bible uses symbolism to communicate the mind of God to simple humans. Martin Luther said the Word of God is God’s baby talk to us.

In my Word of Faith experience, God was always limited to my ability to have faith. All of my answered prayers and blessings were all up to me to have faith and to make the right confessions. The reality was that my faith was no bigger than the next person’s faith. I still had fears and doubts. In other words, if everything was riding on me being able to “believe” God, then I was in trouble. Kenneth Hagin often quoted one of the Wesley’s as saying: “it seems as though God can do nothing less we ask Him”. We were taught everyday at RHEMA about faith. Faith was the key that unlocked the doors of God’s blessings.

We could have absolute protection by having faith in the 91st Psalm. WE could walk in Divine Health by believing the Word. We could live in prosperity by sowing seeds. Everything God could do for me rested in my ability to preform. My God was limited to my faith and to my confession. My God was powerless. My God was not Sovereign, He was always being hindered by my weak faith. My God was limited to my ability to have faith.

On Wednesday nights we focus on all of the Scriptures that express the attributes of God. One of my favorites is First Kings 8:27 “But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee”. WOW! God is way bigger than some faith being limited to a human-like body. The entire universe cannot limit Him. In Psalms 103:19 says “The LOrd hath prepared His throne in the heavens, and His Kingdom ruleth over all”. God is not limited. God is not frustrated. God can not be diminished. God is Sovereign, which means that He CAN and DOES all things that He desires. He is not dependent on man for anything whatsoever.

The Word of Faith belittles God. The Word of Faith reduces Jesus and elevates man to a god. It is nothing but Humanism.

The God in the Bible is all powerful and Sovereign. God is in control, all of the time. By the way, Word of Faith teacher Kenneth Copeland has stated that God is six feet three inches tall and weighs two hundred pounds. Crazy teaching. That means that I weigh more than God does. So do many women. (:



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