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Going Through Hard Times? THIS TOO SHALL PASS

Going Through Hard Times?

I had the pleasure of preaching at County Line Baptist Church yesterday. I had been praying over the sermon and the service for several weeks and felt like God wanted me to encourage folks to hang in there.
I saw a preacher on TBN promise that if we mailed in some good money, that the economy would not affect us. The truth is though, that the Word of God promises us hard times. Every character in the Bible suffered. Paul told Timothy to endure hardness like a good soldier. No one is exempt from suffering in this world.
We are being taught that if we pray right, talk right, tithe and go to church that everything in life will be sweet victory. But the fact is that you can do all of these things with a good heart and still find yourself in the midst of a terrible storm.
Jesus had troubles. Abraham had troubles. Paul had troubles. Moses had troubles.How about Job? A Baptist preacher sent me a painting of the Early Christian about to be fed to the lions. Underneath the caption read: “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”. I’m sure that smiling Joel Osteen would not agree, but it is the truth.
God sends us many trials, test and storms. Those that He does not send Himself are permitted by Him. Every time we find ourselves under pressure, we need to focus on a few points that will comfort and encourage us.
1) The Word of God says in Romans 8:28 that ALL THINGS work for the GOOD of those that love God and are the called according to His purpose. All means all. Good times and bad times. God is totally in control and has a perfect plan. When things are hitting you from every direction at once, just remember that somehow all of this stuff is working out for your good and for His Glory.
2) Things could be a lot worse, but they can also get better. My wife Coni is a hospice nurse. The other night she had a patient that took their young son to the Children’s Hospital for test. They were given the grave news that their child had leukemia. They left the hospital only to realize that their house had burned to the ground while they were gone. People are suffering all over this world and will be until Jesus comes back. Be thankful for what you do have. The Bible also promises us that these afflictions shall pass and that all things are temporary. Praise the Lord!
3) The deeper the trouble, the deeper the Grace. Paul suffered from a thorn in the flesh. He asked God three times to remove it. God replied that His Grace was sufficient. When we get ourselves between a rock and a hard place, then that is where the grace of God is strong and heavy!
Do not lose hope. God loves you and has a plan.


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