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A New Religion: The Word of Faith

A New Religion: The Word of Faith

There is a saying among theologians: “If it is new, it cannot be true”. The Word of Faith is a new religion that was never, ever taught prior to the writings of EW Kenyon.
It is a hybrid religion that is a mix and blend of Christianity, the Occult, New Age, Witchcraft and Christian Science. Throw in some Charismatic elements and you have America’s second born religion. The Mormons came first, but there are many similarities.

The Mormon Church was founded after Prophet Joseph Smith claimed that Father God and Jesus appeared to him in the New York woods. The Word of Faith Movement exploded when Prophet Kenneth Hagin claimed numerous visitations from Christ along with massive plagiarisms of EW Kenyons writings.

In the Word of Faith religion, man is the center of the universe. According to EW Kenyon, everything that God did revolved around man and for man. This is humanistic and New Age thinking. In the Bible, everything God does is for His Glory.

The Word of Faith Message puts man in control with his words. Kenneth Hagin said that Jesus Christ sat down with him and told him to write out four principles, and that if these principles were followed, that we could get ANYTHING that we needed from God the Father. This is witchcraft. The same principles that Kenneth Hagin taught can be found in almost every popular New Age best seller today.

Walmart now sells Word of Faith books by Joel Osteen and Charles Capps in the New Age section of their book department. Its the same message of deception.

Two of the most appealing and attractive elements of the Word of Faith religion is its promises of health and wealth. The Movement loves to use out of context scriptures to promise things that the Bible does not.
The Word of Faith teachers realized that the healing part of their teaching does not work so a few years ago they changed their focus to the wealth part. The Movement has now focuses primarily on how to get more money. It is a money religion. The Word of Faith loves and worships money and turns people into idol worshippers. Go to most any Word of Faith meeting or church and you will find table fulls of books and Cds on money, wealth, prosperity and success.
Here is The Movements recipe for making money in a nutshell:
1)Take Old Testament promises to Israel
2) Take the Old Testament tithe
3) Sow extra money seeds into The Movement
4) Speak over your money seeds and tithes……….this is very important…..make good confessions! Wait for the manifestation. If you say anything negative or fearful, you must start over!
Having left The Movement over a year ago, and having turned to Christ alone, I now realize how much works based The Movement is.
To be a good Wofer, you must work, work, work, work. It is a works based religion, and man is always looking for a way to please God by his works.
Most people involved in The Movement have no idea what the founders and prominent teachers actually believe theologically. If they did stop their confessions long enough to dig a little deeper into Word of Faith theology, they would leave if they had the courage. But is hard to leave. Word of Faith pastors are nortorious for telling their people that bad things will happen to them if they leave The Movement.

If our Church Fathers were alive today, they would be screaming against this Movement in every book that they wrote. Remember, if it is new, it cannot be true!




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