Posted by: John Edwards | June 21, 2008

Peace Out Dude

My walk with God has been pretty cool lately. I feel all peaceful, warm and fuzzy. I have never smoked dope in my life, but I think that is what this feels like. Pretty awesome. It is great to be delivered out of a legalistic, materialistic, self-centered way of thinking. It’s more peaceful to trust in God and lay back and enjoy life. I feel like I am on the beach sitting in a beach chair with the surf tickling my feet and the wind in my hair. PEACE. Something I never had in 14 years of the Word of Faith movement. I am worry free and care free and on some kind of spiritual high. I wonder if Coni is putting something in my food? What was in those brownies?
For those of you that are still chained up in the WOF cult, you should try being free in Jesus for a few days. You will never return to the WOF trap again.
It is so nice not to be afraid of my confession, not to tip toe around my words and feelings, not having to worry about if I am praying perfectly and scriptural, not having to stand in faith, not having to muster up my faith, not caring about my hundred fold return, not chanting all those scriptures out of fear day after day, not being afraid of missing God, not being afraid of the devil, not caring what people think, not caring about what kind of car I drive, not caring about how successful I am, just hanging out with Jesus and enjoying the moment! It is awesome dude.



  1. Freedom is awesome, isn’t it?
    and SO SIMPLE.
    I’m enjoying reading your posts.
    We’re on a similar journey.

  2. Starting a “blessing” book is a great idea. I think I’ll start on myself and the first blessing I will list will be those two fantastic children of mine! Keep leading your flock as God directs! Teri

    P.S. Baaaaaaaaaaah!!!


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