Posted by: John Edwards | May 11, 2008

Lee’s Big Day

Today was the proudest day of my 45 year old life. My first born son, the son of my youth and poverty graduated with honors from the University of Alabama! He had a difficult major: Accounting. He graduated Cum de Laude what ever that is. He was so humble about it that he didn’t even order the special sash with his gown. Lee did it on his own. He worked hard and studied hard and drove a P.O.S car till it broke down and then he walked. He went without power and water. The University asked him to get his Doctorate and become a teacher there. WOW! The miracle is that I am so stupid and he is so smart! His Mom is smart though. Lee starts a job working construction Monday. Working by the sweat of his brow. Then in August he starts working on his Masters in Tax Accountancy. Praise God! I am so thankful and proud. I have cried today. I only wish my daughter and Dad had been there too.



  1. A wise son maketh a glad father.
    Proverbs 10:1


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