Posted by: John Edwards | April 30, 2008

Hard Times Are Good

My oldest son is graduating from the University of Alabama with honors on May 10th. He majored in accounting and has been accepted into grad school to get his Masters in Tax Accountancy. We are very proud of him because he did it on his own. He lived in an old run down apartment across the street from Bryant-Denny Stadium. On football weekends it became the “party house” with up to 200 guest! He charged fans to park in his yard on game days to pick up some cash. He worked all through college at the hospital during the week and on construction jobs on the weekends. His water was turned off when his room mates didn’t pay their share, so he walks to take his showers. He drove a beat up car while his friends drove SUVs and sports cars. He went to class, worked all day and then would spend much of the nights studying in the library. We are so proud of his determination to make it on his own. When we were going to Bible school at RHEMA he slept on the floor. When he was a baby he slept in a drawer. When he was 12 he would push our lawn mower all over Broken Arrow looking for yards to cut. His sister, who was only one year younger, died when he was 15. He was a running back at CCHS but sat on the bench most of the games, although he practiced hard all week with no rewards. He was on the wrestling team and went 13-12. His senior year the cheerleader sponsor asked him to be one of the first guy cheerleaders. They sent him to a clinic at Mississippi State where he spent the whole day with all the cheerleaders of the SEC! Many of his football friends made fun of him, but he was with the girls and ended up dating one of the girls for five years. I hope that all parents feel them same pride and joy for their kids as we do for ours. Truly we are blessed of the Lord.



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