Posted by: John Edwards | April 23, 2008

Never Been Prouder

I have never been more proud or happy of our church family as I was tonight. Thank you guys so much for the awesome turn out to feed the homeless! It was probably the most rewarding experience that I have had as a Christian in many years. We handed out food, drinks, clothing, toilet items till we ran out. It was especially rewarding to fellowship and pray with the people down there. That is what it is all about……loving your neighbor. This is doing the works of Jesus. I was astounded at our turn out! Praise God. Awesome! We will do it again in May. Please remember to bring some non-perishable food items to church so that we can re-stock the food pantry. We were also able to help some needy people in our community. PJ



  1. Hey PJ. I agree. Last night was great. I love your blog.
    Hey, I posted a new one too on myspace. Go check it out when you get the chance.

    Love you and Coni to pieces!


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