Jeff VanVonderen is the coauthor of The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse and When God’s People Let You Down as well as several other books. He is a longtime participant in and supporter of the NACR. He has also recently accepted a position as the executive director of Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources, a sister ministry of the NACR (

STEPS: Your book on spiritual abuse was published almost a decade ago. But it’s still in print. I guess the problem hasn’t gone away yet?

Jeff: The response to the book has not really diminished that much. Usually a book will be out there for a couple of years and then go out of print. But people keep finding The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse as if it’s a new book. The stories I hear from people haven’t gotten any nicer over the last decade either. The wounds caused by spiritual abuse are still very deep. And to be honest, I don’t see that much improvement in the system overall. I think it’s pretty clear that spiritual abuse is not some kind of fad.

STEPS: Nor is it something that you and [coauthor] Dave Johnson invented, is it?

Jeff: Not at all. What we did was to stumble across some language that worked for people. It’s a language that matches the feelings and wounds that many people have experienced. We give people a way to talk about this kind of thing. But spiritual abuse is certainly nothing new. Spiritual abuse has been here since biblical times. We just came across a way of talking about it in our time, and put it into a package that made sense to a lot of people.

STEPS: Talk some more about spiritual abuse in the Bible. What did it look like then?

Jeff: It looked essentially the same then as it does now. Spiritual leaders exploited people for their own gain. Authority was misused in order to get things done in the name of God that weren’t really about God at all. Jeremiah talked about those who heal other people’s wounds superficially. Their real wounds were not dealt with; they were just glossed over for the sake of external appearances. That’s part of the dynamics of spiritual abuse. I think that God’s big gripe with the leaders of Israel, if you look at Ezekiel and Isaiah and Jeremiah, was that they were not using the authority they had been given for the benefit of the weak, for those who didn’t have a voice. They were using their authority for their own purposes and for the sake of human kingdoms. The result in people’s lives then was the same as now: spiritual exhaustion rooted in misconceptions about who God is, about what God wants from us and about God’s stance toward us.

The New Testament gives essentially the same picture. There aren’t a lot of times when Jesus is harsh; Jesus is not known for harshness. But about spiritual abuse he was very harsh. For example, in Matthew 23 he not only describes the dynamics that were going on between the Pharisees and the people, but he also warns people about the Pharisees. He urges them to stay away from the Pharisees. He calls the Pharisees names. He paints pictures about them. For example, he talks about the Pharisees as “whitewashed tombs.” That might seem like merely a picture of hypocrisy—being one way on the outside and a different way on the inside. But there is more than that in this picture. People at that time believed that if you touched a tomb you would be defiled. So Jesus is not only calling the Pharisees hypocrites; he is saying that if you fall under their influence you could become defiled—spiritually affected in a negative way. “Ravenous wolves” is another picture Jesus drew of spiritually abusive leaders. He’s talking about leaders who devour instead of build up. It is very clear when the Bible talks about the purpose of authority that it is for building up, for encouraging and for setting people free. The pictures that Jesus drew paint a stark contrast between the abusive use of authority and appropriate uses of authority.

The abuse of authority was also a central concern for Paul. His main adversaries were the people who thought he was being too graceful. They felt a need to correct his teaching and to help people understand that the Good News is not just about what God has done but also about the things we need to do. They were called the circumcision party, because they added that particular religious behavior to Christ’s behavior as a means of securing God’s approval. This theme of “legalistic teachers” comes up all the time in Paul’s letters. He warns the church at Ephesus that the people who try to add to the Good News in this way will not only come from outside the Christian community but from inside the Christian community as well. So they have to be on their guard [Acts 20:29–31].

In the book of Titus, Paul provides a long list of the qualities desirable in a leader. But then he says that leaders need to take a proactive stance in terms of building people up in grace, and a defensive stance in terms of guarding the flock from people who try to destroy it—especially those who try to add some kind of religious requirements or behavioral demands on top of the grace of God. It is the people who say you need Jesus plus something else, that Paul is warning about.

The letter of Galatians is another example. It is a very angry letter. It’s all about the idea that God’s approval comes from Jesus plus something that you do. Paul attacks this view from every possible angle he can think of. Once again he calls the Jesus-Plus people bad names and wishes bad things will happen to them. Very early in the book of Galatians he asks the people to whom he is writing, “Where is the sense of blessing you once had?”

Most of the people I work with, when they first became Christians, it was very clear to them that it was not about performance. It was only about what God did. And this gracefull message gave them a sense of blessing. They felt restful. Even if that feeling didn’t last very long, their spiritual journey started in a very deeply grace-full, rest-full place. They knew they needed a gift and that God had provided just the gift they needed. But then what happens very quickly is that people get taught or led to measure themselves based on themselves instead of measuring themselves based on what Christ did. That leads rapidly to a loss of that sense of blessing, of rest, of grace. What happens is that people start trying to “measure up.” And that, of course, doesn’t work.

STEPS: It seems to me that grace-based faith has always had this kind of Achilles’ heel. Performance orientation sneaks in so easily, even in churches whose formal theology emphasizes grace. And things start to fall apart real quick when that happens.

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Evangelist Benny Hinn recently admitted at a crusade in Oakland, Calif., to having a “friendship” with fellow minister Paula White while he’s still married after a tabloid pictured them holding hands in Rome on July 13. But the well-known healing minister says the relationship is over.

“A friendship did develop,” Hinn said of White in Oakland on July 30. “Hear this: No immorality whatsoever. These people out there are making it sound like we had an affair. That’s a lie.”

Hinn invited his daughters Natasha and Eleasha on stage in Oakland and asked the crowd to pray for him, his estranged wife, Suzanne, and their four children. He said he and his wife had problems in their marriage for years and “could no longer exist in the same house.”

Hinn’s wife, Suzanne, filed for divorce in February after the couple had been separated for years, but it has not been finalized.

Hinn aired segments from the Oakland crusade and made additional personal comments on his This Is Your Day program on TBN Aug. 5, the day after his 31st wedding anniversary. A ministry executive said the program will air on other networks this week, including on Daystar Friday.

Hinn told the crowd in Oakland that the Vatican made him a Patron of the Arts and invited him to visit Rome. He said patrons are asked to find donors to help maintain the Vatican’s art collections, and he wanted White to become a donor.

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Benny Hinn says God Promises Unprecedented Prosperity for next 12 months

Benny Hinn has declared here in this email to supporters that the LORD God told him, “There will be a release of an anointing for the next 12 months that you have never seen before!” He writes:

“The response continues to be overwhelming as many of our partners and ministry friends lock into the promise of an unprecedented 12-month release of anointing and abundance and begin to see God move actively in their lives!”

Benny Hinn is saying that God has promised 12 months of UNPRECEDENTED ANOINTING AND ABUNDANCE.

He then goes on to talk about how God told him to give some money, and he decreed that this gift was going to release God’s miracle for him, and it happened. After giving a false and inaccurate teaching about Job He then appeals to you, dear reader, to do what he falsely claims the Bible teaches Job did so that you can cash in on your “unprecedented blessing” and presumably enjoy the “unprecedented anointed” for the next 12 months, mind you.

The idea behind all these kinds of messages of course is to extract money from his readers. We know that it takes money to spread the gospel. It also takes money to spread false teaching and false prophecy. The finer things of life also require money.

Now let’s be clear here. If the LORD did not in fact say these things to Benny Hinn, then Benny Hinn is a fraud. If Benny Hinn is just making this stuff up, then he is taking money from gullible people on false pretenses. If He is saying that God is making promises that God is NOT in fact making, then Benny Hinn is behaving as a greedy false prophet, who like Balaam, loves the wages of unrighteousness.

I’d personally be amazed if God really did speak to Benny Hinn these things, because Benny Hinn can’t even get a basic teaching straight. He probably knows his readers are too lazy to actually check out the Bible references he gives. Look at what Hinn says:

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JOEL OSTEEN: Bad news masquerading as good

good news bad newsSOURCE: After making a flippant but completely uninformed remark about Joel Osteen (with whom I had no familiarity except a short video clip), I was convicted that I ought not criticize things/people I know nothing about. After all, one of the charges against the false prophets in Second Peter is that they “speak evil of the things they do not understand”.

I rescinded my flippant remark and said I would look into Osteen more before making an evaluation. Thus, I traveled to my local library and picked up one of Osteen’s books–Become a Better You.

What I found shocked me and troubled me deeply. In some ways, Osteen is just another prosperity preacher of the Word of Faith tradition. He confuses the promises of the gospel with the idea of self-fulfillment and turns God into a vending-machine in the sky. The so-called prosperity gospel is a disturbing corruption of the true gospel–but I’ve known many who ascribe to a version of the prosperity gospel who still maintain at least a degree of faithfulness to the true gospel: that Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty for sins, on our behalf, thus reconciling us to God.

I see no evidence that Osteen has maintained any modicum of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Instead, Osteen has replaced the gospel with an “I’m good, you’re good, we’re all good” self-esteem talk. He tells his readers that “God has already put in the talent, the creativity, the discipline, the wisdom, and the determination. It’s all in you.” “We have to believe that we have what it takes.” Over and over, he states that “God has placed the seeds of greatness inside of you”. He emphasizes the goodness of creation–but completely ignores the fall.

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VIDEO: T.D. Jakes: Pastor or Businessman?

T.D. Jakes is an author, writer, film producer, and pastor of a mega church right down the lane from Joel Osteen’s arena. The health and wealth message of Jakes is only the beginning of the problems associated with this fella. If you are interested in the sermon from Jakes, it’s called “dangerous deliverance Pt. 2. on itunes.

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VIDEO: Should we speak out against false prophets and teachers?

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WHO’S IN CHARGE by Closing Stages


Who’s In Charge?
We Are!

It seems as though we can’t turn on the television or radio without hearing about tragic events happening in the United States and around the world. At the same time, we hear people say, “God is in charge.” Others counter that claim with, “If God is in control, He sure has things in a mess!” What many people don’t understand is that God is not the one who is in control. In Second Corinthians 4:4, Satan is called ‘the god of this world,” and he is the one who is wreaking havoc around the globe.”[1]

The above quotation was the opening to an article called “Who’s In Charge? We Are!” produced by RHEMA Bible Church Inc. At first glance, it would appear to be biblically sound, it is candy coated that’s for sure. However, the very concept that “We are in charge” negates the Sovereignty of God as though Satan or we ourselves are one up on God. In the article mentioned above they spoke of Jesus Christ delegating His authority to the church by commissioning the church to preach the gospel. Nevertheless, delegated authority is not the same as the authority itself. Delegation of authority can be defined as subdivision and sub-allocation of powers to the subordinates in order to achieve effective results. In connection to the delegated authority is the responsibility to complete the assigned tasks given. Authority always flows from top to bottom where responsibility of such given authority flows from bottom to top. This is called accountability, and the subordinate is always answerable to the authority for the end result. Therefore, it is Christ who is both “in charge” and “in control,” and we are accountable to him as representatives of His name in this world.


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Do you have discernment?  Have you ever tried to help someone see the light about their false doctrine?   Let’s pretend we’re playing a card game.  Let’s say you’re the one with discernment, and I will give you a card to show my displeasure and trump your politically incorrect statements.
Okay, let’s begin.


Television evangelist Benny Hinn has admitted that his marriage probably broke down because he did not spend enough time with the family.

On the August 5 edition of his show “This is your Day,” Hinn said he was oftentimes “caught up with the ministry,” so much so that he forgot about his family.

“I’ve made mistakes because I wasn’t the perfect husband and the perfect dad because I was always gone traveling the world,” he said. “That’s probably what broke the whole thing up.”

Hinn told his viewers “not to neglect your family,” saying that the call of God should first touch the family.

“If you have no family, you can’t go on anyways,” he said.

Hinn’s wife, Suzanne, filed divorce papers in California earlier this year, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The couple had been married since 1979 and have four children together.

On his recent show, watched by millions around the world, Hinn said it was often painful to talk about their separation.

“We’ve had to be very quiet to protect the ministry, the work of the Lord,” he said. “But sadly when you are a public person, everything you do becomes public.”

Hinn continued: “I don’t care if the anointing of God is on you. Nobody wants to be alone. I don’t care who you are. I am a human being just like you.”

The press recently linked Hinn to fellow televangelist Paula White, suggesting they were romantically involved.

Hinn rejected the claims and denied any wrongdoing, stating that the article published by the National Enquirer on July 23 was a “pure lie.”

Following the story, Hinn and White announced their decision to “have no further social relationship” until his divorce is finalized and “only if we feel direction from the Lord to do so.”


I seen the video and Benny admits the he and his wife had not lived together for years. And Paul and Jan crouch have not lived together for years,,, what’s up with all that. It that what big money ministry does to marriages?

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Mark Driscoll Video Sermon: Suffering to Learn w/sermon notes

I posted this video yesterday, it is a small part of this video sermon by Driscoll. I really liked this sermon as Mark gives the best exegesis of 1Peter 3:17-20 I have ever heard. Also something that helped me is that Mark said it is important to determine when your suffering for sin and because of sin. You sometimes suffer for your own sin, but sometimes you suffer because of other sins towards you. That is a good one to remember.

This video would not embed into this post. So you’ll have to GO HERE to see the video that I highly suggest. There is a link on the video page to the sermon notes below.


TEXT: 1 Peter 3:17–22
PREACHER: Pastor Mark Driscoll
DATE: April 5, 2009

“For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that should be God’s will, than for doing evil” –1 Peter 3:17


1 Peter 3: 18–20 is, according to Martin Luther, “More obscure than any other passage in the New Testament.” It is one of the most debated passages in the Bible; there are around 180 different interpretations.

  • All Scripture is equally inspired but not all Scripture is equally clear (2 Tim. 3:16 cf. 2 Pet. 3:16).
  • The doctrine of perspicuity: Those verses in the Bible that are unclear should be interpreted in light of the passages that are clear.
  • Lack of clarity in some passages requires us to be humble when approaching them.

Learn from Jesus’ Suffering (1 Peter 3:18a)

  • This is a mysterious passage of Scripture describing Jesus’ suffering; your suffering may be mysterious as well.
  • When you suffer, remember Jesus Christ.
  • Our greatest need is not the absence of suffering but the presence of God.
  • What are you learning about Jesus through suffering?

Learn from Jesus’ Death (1 Peter 3:18b–20)

  • On the cross, Jesus said, “It is finished.” There was nothing else to be done in regard to his work of salvation, therefore it was not necessary for Christ to descend into hell, as some interpreters have said of this passage.
  • On the cross, Jesus said, “Today you will be with me in paradise” (emphasis added), which appears to be further evidence against the idea that Christ descended into hell after his death.
  • “It is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment” (Hebrews 9:27). There is no second chance for repentance and faith after death.

Peter recalls Noah’s story in reference to Christian baptism (1 Peter 3:20).

  • The story of Noah (Genesis 6:5–14) is often twisted to say that because Noah was righteous, he received favor from God. The Bible, however, presents the opposite order: God’s favor (“grace”) precedes and enables Noah’s righteousness.
  • Along with his sons, Noah preached righteousness and built the Ark for 120 years. He was constantly mocked and nobody ever responded to his invitation for repentance. Christians suffer likewise in our day, awaiting the fulfillment of God’s promise.

Learn from Jesus’ Resurrection

  • Baptism symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection Jesus Christ.
  • Baptism is an outward demonstration of inward transformation.
  • Baptism shows a FACT (“the resurrection of Jesus Christ”) and FAITH (“a good conscience”).

Learn from Jesus’ Ascension

Remember who Jesus is, not just who he was. As a Christian…

  • You will die, as Jesus did.
  • Your body will go into the ground but your spirit will live, as Jesus’ did.
  • You will rise from death as Jesus did.
  • You will live in victory over the presence and power of sin with Jesus.

In the meantime…

  • You will suffer as Jesus did.
  • Your suffering will likely be as mysterious as Jesus’ suffering and as confusing as 1 Peter 3.
  • Don’t try and figure it all out.
  • Suffer well in faith like Noah did.

Gary says “Those who love to talk will experience the consequences,for the tongue can kill or nourish life – Proverbs18:21

Well I like the song,,, it’s a nice little diddy – but horrendous theology?

May God bless you Gary, that you don’t succumb to a slip of your own lip, or worse yet -someone elses. Jas 3:8  But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

Things are heating up around the Rich has done a great job of giving an insiders perspective to yet more trouble for KC. Insiders coming forward before have said that KC and KCM does not even open prayer mail. One Ex-word of faither that worked for KCM said that KCM was dominated by the dangerous Sheparding movement and spiritual covering  beliefs. And KC refuses to tell how his ministries money is spent. Now it looks like Vermillion has some information about the Copeland family that does not befit ministers of God.

GO HERE to read the last post at titled Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: The Untold Story

Previous post on this blog about Kenneth and Gloria Copeland by Rich Vermillion are HERE HERE and HERE


Here is a post I made at CARM.ORG to help quickly bring readers up to speed on what Vermillion has told us about KC and KCM so far.

I think almost everyone is missing the point of the OP. KC not flying HIS personal jets to Haiti is NOT the point – and that does NOT constitute fraud.

But KC is guilty of fraud because he deceived his “partners” and potential partners (lied to them for personal gain) into thinking that he had a cargo plane to fly supplies and would be taking donations to buy a “FLEET” of cargo planes to fly relief supplies in the event of a natural disasters. KC even said that “FLEET” would include helicopters. The Angel Flight 44 “aviation disaster relief FLEET” was the center piece of KC’s (for lack of a better term) sale pitches at his 06 believers convention (17, 000 in attendant). KC even used the AF44 sales pitch in three of his Believers Voice of Victory magazines. He recruited Vermillion to write a book about AF 44 and gave 70,000 books away (for a donation, of course) to “partners”. The book has it’s own website. And with the fact that the 06 believers convention was aired on DayStar, Millions heard KC’s AF44 sales pitch.

Now consider the 70,000 books that where given for donations. If each of the donating partners donated 20$, that adds up to over 1,250,000$. But KC has publicly said he has ONLY spent 65,000 sending supplies to Haiti. The 1.25 million figure is only from the Believers Voice of Victory solicitations. This would not include money taken in at the convention and through the convention airing on Daystar and donations taken through the books website. In all reality KC probably received 10’s of millions of dollars specifically donated for the AF44 aviation relief FLEET,,, but there is no “FLEET” and again KC has only spent 65,000 on Haiti.

Beachie will only respond with more histrionics, instead of looking at the very well documented evidence that Vermillion has gathered against KC in the Angel flight 44 debacle, but he and everyone else needs to at least read these 2 post by Vermillion,,,,
(see the videos here)…-44-the-money/

Beachie, Vermillion was a KCM PARTNER for 17 years, He is a Charismatic that holds the office of prophet. He worked with KC to develop the AF44 book. That makes his “personal experience with KC” more authentic and non partisan than your emotional and theological attachments. Vermillion bills his effort to get KC to repent as a minister to errant-minister” open rebuke”. For you to pull the “if he was a good “brother” he would not be finding fault with another brother” card is absurd. It is almost as absurd as you using the ‘well what has Vermillion done for Haiti” card. Vermillion was a partner of KCM and gave money to the AF44 campaign. But his donations where wasted and KC is no more than a crook hiding behind religious freedom. If it where not for religious exemptions, KC would already be in jail for this because it is obvious fraud and the evidence is clear. But I would not expect “died in the wool” WoF’ers to even fathom this because your religious tradition and belief would hang in the balance if you examined the evidence.

I finally sat down and wrote up a short testimony about why I blog here and am against the Word of Faith Movement. I intend to do a video testimony soon.


Hello, my name is Damon Whitsell. I would like to tell you why I am against the Word of Faith Movement. To do so I will have to share some of my life and experiences. I grew up with Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals and members of a small little cult called Bible Missionary in my family. And about 5 years ago I found out I have a distant relative who is a retired traveling WoF evangelist. Although not by the actions of this relative, I have been more drastically and negatively effected by the WoF than all the cults I just listed.

As you can imagine, there have been times in my life when I have clashed with some of the religious folks in my family. It was a tough time to go through when I was being proselytized to become a Mormon. Oddly enough, this only happened after I became a Christian and fortunately I had some friends that warned me that Mormons do not believe Christian things and are a cult. I rejected that notion at first because my relatives right out lied to me about what Mormonism teaches. But once they came forthright with their real beliefs and stopped trying to look Christian – it was easy for me to label them as a cult and not be very effected by my relatives and their religion. But it did cause me to be made out to be the bad guy for believing Mormonism is a cult. My own mother did not talk to me for two years when I told my relatives that they where in a cult and to quit sending Mormon Missionaries to my house. It made no difference to her that on almost every visit to my house the Missionaries claimed that all other churches where wrong and of Satan.

The Oneness Pentecostal relatives effected my dad so strongly that my dad was a very vocal atheist for most of his life. He used to openly make fun of my mother and brother and myself for believing in God. But as I got older that did not effect me anymore. My dads sisters where so strongly effected by the Oneness Pentecostals that they migrated to a little cult called bible missionary that is against the gifts of the Spirit and the anti-Trinitarianism of the UPC. But they are strongly influenced by the holiness movement and have no problems claiming that they have not sinned in decades and if you don’t stop sinning, your not a Christian and on your way to hell.

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VIDEO: Mark Driscoll answers the question Did Jesus Go To Hell?

This clip came from the sermon Suffering To Learn, part of Mars Hill Church’s Trial series through 1&2 Peter. For more content from this sermon, please visit…

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Who are Gods anointed? by

A buzz word which has been going around for several years is the word “anointed”, which is generally used with such phrases as, “I felt the anointing”, or “he/she is anointed to preach the word”, and other such terms. Generally when this term is used, it is to imply a “special” anointing being poured out upon certain individuals. We are being told that you too can have this “special anointing” if you will exercise the truths of God’s word in the same manner as those who have received this “special anointing” of God.

First, let’s take a look at the word “anointed” and see if there is a special anointing or not. In the Old Testament, the word anointed means to apply oil on one’s body as a symbol that God has chosen that person for a service unto the Lord. This person has been consecrated unto the Lord. The word consecrated means to be set apart, endowed with the power of God to perform that service. It also means to be pronounced clean, holy and pure. Although mere man is sinful, it is God who consecrates, and that is why it is recorded in Psalms 105:15, “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm”. These were men who God had anointed and consecrated for His service.

Today we hear many self-appointed prophets using this verse in an effort to exalt themselves as being in a special class of “God’s anointed” and that no one dare question what they teach. This is a very dangerous position to put oneself in, to believe there are those who have a special anointing or an extra measure of the Holy Spirit. The Prophet Joel said, “in those days will I pour out my spirit upon all flesh.” (Joel 2:29) We see that this happened on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:16-18) and has continued up to the present time. God poured out His spirit on all flesh, and all that receive Jesus into their hearts have been baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire. (Matthew 3:11 and Mark 1:8) Those who have been baptized with Jesus have been born again, meaning filled with the power and the life of the Holy Spirit and have become new creatures.

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Have you ever been called a “Heretic Hunter” or told ” touch not the Lords anointed“? If you have, it was probably coming from a Word of Faither that was defending his favorite Word of Faith teacher or doctrine. Both of these are what is called Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attacks. Perhaps some definitions are needed.

When we first started this blog, the first three comments we got where from Word of Faithers using Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attacks. Being the administrator, I quickly decided to make a comment page and close comments on individual post. I posted a bunch of Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attack examples on the comment page. I gathered them from a few sites and threw some that I had heard over the years in there. Read through these and see if you have heard any of them.

Your just being judgmental. Judge NOT least you be judged. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Can’t we all just get along. Touch not the Lords anointed. Your causing division in the body of Christ. Who are you to judge. What about all the good this teachings does. What about all the good things these teachers do. How do you expect to reach the world if you don’t ask for money. You don’t believe in the promises of God. You don’t believe in Miracles. That is not very Christian of you. Your putting God in a box. You not a very good Christian. Your not even really a Christian. What about unity. Didn’t Christ come to bring unity. You have a Jezebel Spirit. Your hindering the works of God. You don’t believe in faith. If the Word of Faith Movement was not from God,, it would not be prolific. What is wrong with wanting “Your Best Life NOW”, You’re just a heresy hunter. You are just a Sniper Christian. Your just a bloody Calvinist. Come not against the Man of God. We really like what your doing BUT. Your cause is Noble BUT. Your heaping judgment upon your head by judging. You don’t believe in prosperity. Your just jealous because you have not gotten your healing and financial blessings. Your just an old sour puss. What is your problem with God. You think God want us all to be in poverty. I myself was brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus as Lord in a similar type church. You don’t believe in the blessings of God. Your just casting hate nets. God works in mysterious ways. You have an antichrist Sprit. Didn’t Jesus tell us to just get along. Don’t throw stones, it is not very Christian like. God told me to tell you. I have a word of Knowledge from the Lord for you. Don’t make waves,, just ride them. Your just being difficult. Your not doing God any favors. But I was saved through one of these ministries and your denying the works of God. Your blaspheming the Holy Spirit. You’re a Modern day Pharisee. Why can‘t you be more loving. Stop being judgmental. We have seen and experienced the Miracles. We know all miracles are from God. Your not from God. Your just looking for something or someone to disapprove of. Your causing damage to the Body of Christ. Be advised NOT to come against God. God is doing a new thing and you are resisting him. God is against your religious Spirit. Your stuck in your religious tradition. We are not to judge. Why are you coming against this teacher of god. If it is not of God it will fail but if it is of God you can’t stop it. Jesus is more important than doctrine. Look at the fruit of these men. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. What goes around comes around. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Forgive and forget. Your ways are not the Lord’s ways. You cannot hope to understand God’s Divine Plan. You are not being a “team player”.

WELL HAVE YOU HEARD ANY OF THESE? I am sure many of the readers of this blog have. There is a good side to Wofers using Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attacks, it shows that their doctrines and false teachers are really indefensible and they have no good arguments and reasoning to put forth. Thought Terminating Cliches, Ad Hominem attacks and other logical fallacies are all they have. SO FEEL GOOD THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE CALLS YOU A HERETIC HUNTER. You must be doing something right.

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INTRODUCING The Word of Faith Recovery Forums


For a long time I wished that Ex-Wofers and those have been harmed by the WoF could have a place to do some serious fellowshiping, healing, networking and studying together. Some who come out of the WoF may chose not to attend church regularly or even go to church at all, and we all need fellowship with other believers. So I decided to open such a forum and see if it will be needed and used at this time. I know of two others that have tried to start WoF recovery groups/networks but they did not last very long because niche specific communities can be hard to build up. So I told the Lord that I would open up this forum and commit to it for 6 months and see what happens. So far we have 12 members with about 4-5 posting.

The Word of Faith Recovery Forums is a PRIVATE Recovery/Support minded Forums Board. Because we seek to maintain an environment that is most conducive to healing, restoration and fellowship,, you must meet one of the following criteria to become a member. You must be either,,,

  • An Ex-Word of Faither
  • Transitioning out of the WoF
  • Someone who has been negatively impacted by the WoF
  • Someone who is willing to be supportive to the above mentioned
  • Or someone who is actively exposing the errors of the Word of Faith Movement

To ensure the best environment possible, posting will be monitored to determine if all new members meet these criteria. Members Privacy is highly respected and will be maintained. So if you would like to join us and you meet one of these criteria,, Please register for an account. We hope you will be blessed during your time here.

Heretic Hagin’s Doctrine of Devils; The Word of Faith’s History and Roots

This “testimony” is not a “testimony”, per say, in the sense that Pastor Edward Watson tells how he got into the Word of Faith Movement and how he got out of it. Rather this is a sermon in which Watson does a thorough scriptural refutation of many of the Word of Faith heresies. And he does so very well, with an ex-Wofer’s passion.

The sermon is about an hour and a half long,,, so you will need to schedule time to listen to it, if your going to. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a better sermon on the WoF from an Ex-WoFer or non Ex-WoFer. Watson does a great job.

I cannot embed the MP3 onto this blogpost, so you will have to go here to hear the sermon.


The Word of Faith, is it a Christian movement of God as many Christians would assert, or is it a doctrine of devils cleverly disguised in Christian rhetoric deceiving believers and bringing shame on the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Word of Faith movement would like you to believe their roots can be traced back to the Asuza St. “revival” at the turn of the century in L.A., if that were true that would be disturbing enough, but is another study. The fact is that the “Word of Faith” movement did not descend from the pentecostal movement. No, instead it will be proven that it was an infiltration into the church that can be traced directly back to Christian Science, theosophy, and luciferianism or satanism. Pastor Ed was in the word of faith movement for years and has born the scars of that demonic movement. He speaks not from hurt or a desire for any type of revenge, but to warn believers out of a motive of love for his fellow brethren in Christ. Open you heart, your Bible, the PDF, and if you are in any way affliated with this movement ask the Lord if there is something wrong with this movement to show you and to lead you out of it, ask with a willing heart to obey, and join us as we expose the grevious error of this movement that moves the hearts of Christians from their Saviour to the false god of mammon.  James 5:19,20


The quotes below from Kenneth Hagins books have made it clear what he has taught concerning the question should we pray “Gods will be done”?

“It is unscriptural to pray, ‘If it is the will of God.’ When you put an ‘if in your prayer, you are praying in doubt,” Kenneth Hagin, Exceedingly Growing Faith, Tulsa: Faith Library, 1983, p. 10.

“Because we didn’t understand what Jesus said, and because we’ve been religiously brainwashed instead of New Testament-taught, we watered down the promises of God and tacked on something that Jesus didn’t say, and added on something else to it: “Well, He will all right if it’s His will, but it might not be His will, ” people have said. And yet, you don’t find that kind of talk in the New Testament,” Kenneth Hagin, How Jesus Obtained His Name, Tulsa: Rhema, cassette tape #44H01.

This teaching is mirrored by other Word of Faith teachers such as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Fred Price, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyers and others. But the real question we should be asking is “can we find that kind of talk (Thy will be done) in the New Testament”? Here is one of my favorites as it is the best scriptures to counter the WoF false interpretation of Mark 11:23.

1Jn 5:14-15  And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

We see our prayers in proper balance in these verses because the “whatsoever we ask” is regulated by “if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us”. This plainly states that when we do not pray according to the will of God, God does not even hear our prayers and is under no obligation to answer our prayers in opposition to his will and providence.

It is a fact that the Spirit of God will not even make intersession on our behalf unless it be “according to the will of God”.

Rom 8:27  And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

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Heartbreak! Rifqa Bary Refuses Chemo After Healing Revival

She has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Out of the frying pan into the fire. The sad thing is, her parent may not be the worse thing for her… she may be.

Religion News Blog:

Christian convert Rifqa Bary is refusing chemotherapy for cancer because she believes that she was cured at a faith-healing event, according to a motion in Franklin County Juvenile Court.

Rifqa was to undergo a year of chemotherapy after her cancer was surgically removed, the document filed by her parents states. But Rifqa, who is in foster care, was taken to a faith-healing event in Youngstown a couple of weeks ago by Franklin County Children Services, without her parents’ consent, according to the document.

A motion to force treatment is to be considered on Tuesday in Juvenile Court.

Rifqa’s attorneys, meanwhile, are asking the court to make “special findings” so that she can obtain an immigration status that will allow her to stay in the country and obtain medical care. Rifqa, a native of Sri Lanka, does not have legal status in the United States, her attorneys have said in court.


Rifqa ran away from home in July 2009, saying her Muslim father would kill her for converting to Christianity. She lived with evangelical pastors in Florida before returning to Ohio to live in a foster home.


The Barys want to force chemotherapy and are concerned that their daughter could die without treatment, Tarazi wrote….

…(read more)…

In case you do not know about her… here is an old video:

Religion News Blog:

An Oregon City couple will face charges of second-degree manslaughter in the faith-healing death of their newborn son, the third such fatality involving the Followers of Christ church in the past two years.

Dale R. Hickman and Shannon M. Hickman, both 25, were booked about 1 a.m. Friday at the Clackamas County Jail. Dale Hickman’s father, Phillip Hickman, posted 10 percent of their $500,000 bail, and they were released about two hours later. They will be formally charged Aug. 30.

Their infant son was born in September, 2009, about six weeks premature. He weighed 3 pounds, 5 ounces and lived nine hours.

No one with medical training attended the birth, and no one called a doctor or ambulance. An autopsy determined the infant died of staph pneumonia and complications from a premature birth, including underdeveloped lungs….

….Members of the Followers of Christ church rely on Research resources on faith healing”>faith-healing rituals – anointing with oil, prayer and the laying on of hands – rather than secular medicine. Church members have testified that they would not go to a doctor or hospital even if it meant the difference between life and death, preferring to put their faith solely in God’s power to heal.

The Hickman and Wyland indictments underscore a pledge by Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote to aggressively prosecute church members who fail to provide necessary medical care to their children, as required under Oregon law.

Foote reached out to church members earlier this year, urging them to seek common ground that would assure that their children receive adequate medical care….

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Benny Hinn Begging for $$$ (from NYTN)

  • NYTN h/t:
  • Posted by: papagiorgio200 | July 31, 2010

    Faith Healers Plead “Not Guilty”

    Timothy and Rebecca Wyland pleaded not guilty during a brief appearance before Clackamas County Circuit Judge Robert D. Herndon and were released without bail.

    The charges were expected. During a custody hearing last week, a prosecutor disclosed that the Wylands had been indicted by a grand jury.

    Child-protection authorities took custody of the couple’s 7-month-old daughter, Alayna, after she developed a growth over her left eye that ballooned over several months to the size of a tennis ball and threatens her vision.

    The Wylands did not speak in Thursday’s hearing. Rebecca Wyland previously testified that she anointed Alayna with oil but never considered taking her daughter to a doctor.


    Alayna is in temporary custody of the Oregon Department of Human Services and lives in a foster home while medical professionals treat her condition and develop a care plan. The child welfare agency placed the girl in protective custody June 30 after receiving an anonymous tip that she was in peril.

    …(read more)…

    There is possibly some demonic activity she shows that may indicate where this dream came from. I do have to say however, that being part of an affair that broke up a marriage is probably worse than what you see here. I would not want to be them meeting their Creator… not only for this, but for the more important aspect Jesus spoke to:

    “And He [Jesus] answered and said, ‘Have you not read, that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female and said, ‘For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh’? Consequently they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” (Mathew 19:4-6)

    Besides Jesus confirming creation and rejecting evolutionary thinking, He also affirms the first and foremost purpose of man and woman… adding that no one should come between them.

    (First posted on Video Row):


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    Benny Hinn and Paula White Caught In Affair?

    Televangelist Benny Hinn, who resides behind gates in Dana Point and has a church and television studio in Aliso Viejo, and Without Walls International Church pastor Paula White of Florida have posted statements on their websites denying a report that they are romantically involved (OC Weekly).

    …White was a self-proclaimed “messed-up Mississippi girl” growing up in Tupelo. Her father committed suicide when she was 5, and White’s website says she suffered “sexual and physical abuse” up until she was 13. White says her life changed when at 18 she received a “divine visitation.”

    By 1991, she and then-husband Randy White were founding their own mega-church in Tampa.

    The couple announced their divorce in 2007, after the church came under fire to failing to repay $170,000 borrowed from an elderly widow. The money, originally borrowed in 1995, was used as down payment on a house.

    Randy stayed on with the ministry, now called Without Walls International Church.

    Last year, however, Paula returned to that church’s pulpit, replacing Randy, who resigned citing ill health. At her first sermon, White told the congregants: “Mama is back.”…

    …(read more)…

    The question is this, while the National Enquirer often gets it wrong [they were correct, however, in regards to Jesse Jackson’s and John Edward’s affair], when pics like this hit the “press,” it is hard to deny:


    Joni Eareckson Tada gave a discourse at Dallas Theological Seminary on disabilities and God. She talks of Christian compassion and refutes the Word of Faith vipers.

    The fastest growing segment of professing Christianity in recent years has been among churches connected with the Positive Confession movement or Word-Faith movement (all part of the modern Charismatic movement). It has involved two distinct but closely related factions: the Norman Vincent Peale/Robert Schuller Positive-Possibility thinkers/Positive Mental Attitude, with their roots in New Thought; and the Kenneth Hagin/Kenneth Copeland Positive Confession and Word-Faith groups, which have their roots in E.W. Kenyon, William Branham, and the Manifest Sons of God/Latter Rain movement. Well-known names among its leaders are E.W. Kenyon, Charles Capps, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Frederick K.C. Price, Robert Tilton, and David [Paul] Yonggi Cho. It does not yet constitute a new denomination, but it certainly represents innovative teachings outside of mainstream Christianity. The situation is so serious now because of the dominance over the so-called Christian media achieved by the teachers of Positive/Possibility Thinking and Positive Confession.

    D.R. McConnell points out that “any new religious movement [within Protestantism] must bear the scrutiny of two criteria: biblical fidelity and historical orthodoxy.” Regrettably, the Positive Confession movement fails on both counts. The historical roots of this movement (which Charles Farah has called “Faith Formula Theology”) lie in the occult, and most recently, in New Thought and its off-shoot, the Mind Science cults. Its Biblical basis is found only in the peculiar interpretations of its own leaders, not in generally accepted Christian theology.

    As the name “Positive Confession”/”Word-Faith” implies, this movement teaches that faith is a matter of what we say more than whom we trust or what truths we embrace and affirm in our hearts. The term “positive confession” refers to the teaching that words have creative power. What you say, Word-Faith teachers claim, determines everything that happens to you. Your “confessions,” that is, the things you say — especially the favors you demand of God — must all be stated positively and without wavering. Then God is required to answer. Word-Faith believers view their positive confessions as an incantation by which they can conjure up anything they desire: “Believe it in your heart; say it with your mouth. That is the principle of faith. You can have what you say” (Charismatic Chaos, pp. 281, 285).

    This is at the heart of the Positive Confession movement today, also known as the “name-it-and-claim-it” gospel. The Positive Confession movement is nothing but a charismatic form of Christian Science. This can be substantiated by simply comparing the similarities in their common beliefs. Positive Confession is basically warmed-over New Thought dressed in evangelical/charismatic language. Positive Confession’s basic beliefs can be summarized as follows:

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    Ex-Word of Faith Testimony of Mike and Pat Rodgers

    We apologize that this testimony would not format correctly making it difficult to read. It is easier to read here.


    My wife Pat and I left the Defiance Ohio area and moved to Bellefontaine to start and build a church. That was six years ago, and now looking back I see that the whole time we were trying to build a church God was tearing us down. He was bringing us back to our foundational roots we didn’t even realize we had left. During the four years we pastured, a lot of the old convictions God had instilled in me as a young Christian, convictions I had let go, were resurfacing. This became a serious problem in our ministry as we were heavily influenced by Word of Faith ideology. Conflict began to rise up with our Ministry coverings. We were ordained by CMI (Calvary Ministries International) and Restoration Ministries. Frustration built within Pat and I over the lack of any real relational support and a constant pressure of supporting our coverings financially. To them we were indigenous, that is, on your own. Ultimately, we left both Ministries and became independent. Biblical conviction overruled, and we were left with some hard decisions. And almost immediately after withdrawing from the last covering God saw fit to place hard circumstances in our path that lead us to the decision to close the church.

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    VIDEO: Greg Koukl – What is faith?

    Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason answers the question, “What is faith?” For more visit

    Since the most basic heresy of the Word of Faith Movement is it’s redefinition of Faith, the topic that had arisen the most on our comments page is that of the question “What is Faith” and much of that has to do with the WoF sacred cow Mark 11:22-24. It is very important to clearly understand the biblical definition of faith. A right definition and false definition of faith is the dividing line between biblical Christianity and occultism wrapped in Christian terms.

    I gathered a few articles that deals with this subject for visitors on our comments page. I thought I would gather all or most of the post on this blog that deal specifically with this subject and make a resource type post listing these resources.


    Here Jesse Duplantis teaches the WoF false defintion of faith by making the case that since “death and life” are in the power of the tongue he then concludes that we, not God, decide when to live or die.

    Here is Joyce Meyers teaching this false definition of faith.

    Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason answers the question, “What is faith?” For more visit

    I think this video is probably the best resource on this subject from this blog. This video is part of groupblog author Pastor Jeff Klutts’s video and article series titled Wolves in Wool”

    Wolves in Wool 3 – Faith, the Omnipotent Entity from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

    Pastor James Blocker Maranatha Tabernacle Queens, NY discuss how the Word of Faith teachers misdefine faith; and compares their teachings to the Word of God.


    Here is the first sermon groupblog author PapaG preached.

    Faith In Faith

    This is a list of commentary references on Mark 11:22-24 from PapaG

    Some Commentary[ies] on Mark 11:23-24 (An Often Mis-Interpreted Verse By Word of Faithers)

    This is from Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes

    MARK 11:23-24 – Did Jesus promise to give literally anything we ask in faith?

    And I really like these articles

    The Power of the Spoken Word – Biblical or Occult law? Part 1

    The Power of the Spoken Word – Biblical or Occult law? Part 2

    Abracadabra, Presto and SHAZAAM,, YOUR HEALED of your Word of Faith Delusion,,, because I SAY SO By Damon Whitsell

    Winking, Wiggling and the Power of Words (A Word of Faith Movement Article)

    Word Faith teaching- A spiritual copy of the Mind Sciences by LetUsReason

    Understanding Mark 11:23 [can you have what you say?]


    The Fraudulent Faith of the Word of Faith Movement and Revivalism

    Is Faith a Superpower?

    Faith in God or “MY FAITH”


    My Testimony By Danny H. from FREEDOM FROM WOLVES

    I was raised in a traditional Assemblies of God (Pentecostal) Church. I can remember going to tent meetings, like the ones on the Marjoe Documentary. (I wish I’d seen it sooner! But it wasn’t shown in the South when it was first aired.)

    Before I go any further, I’d like to state that I hold no grudges or anger against any of my former churches, pastors, etc. Though I now realize I was in cultic churches, I know God has a way of working all of that mess out for good. (Rom. 8:28) Though I am no longer Pentecostal, I still have many Pentecostal friends and consider them to be brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m not anti-Pentecostal/Charismatic; I’m against the Word of Faith message.

    Back to my story. I turned away from God around the age of 12. Fortunately, I returned to church at the age of 16. From about 16-20 was an exciting time in my life. I was a part of an active youth group. It was at this time that I was brought deeper into the Word of Faith message. It was slowly creeping into my A/G church and youth group. I bought my first Kenneth Hagin book and read it many times. My Youth Pastor taught the message and even stood before the entire congregation and claimed his healing from diabetes. To make a long story short, he was not healed and suffered great embarrassment.

    As time passed, the church began to shift into the Prophetic Movement in the mid-1980’s. It was also in the mid-80’s that I began to question my Pentecostal beliefs for the first time. I read a book by Charles Ryrie called, Balancing the Christian Life. After reading the book, I left the Pentecostal Movement. Dr. Ryrie said, “Nowhere in the bible does it say that we are commanded to seek the baptism in the Spirit, nor does it say we should seek it.” (I’m paraphrasing.) I was told all my life that all Christians are commanded to seek the baptism. After digging and digging, I came to the conclusion that the Pentecostal message was wrong.

    So, I left the Pentecostal church out of conviction, but could not find a good bible church in my area. The highlight of those years was when I met Christian author Bruce Barron, author of The Health and Wealth Gospel. I’m still acquainted with him today. His book helped cement my concerns about gross error in the church.

    Read More…

    Posted by: Damon Whitsell | July 16, 2010

    As The Scripture Has Said: by Closing Stages

    We apologize that this article would not format correctly making it difficult to read and was removed for this reason. But it is a high quality article and I recommend following the link below to read it.

    Posted by: TWotWoF VIDEO ROW | July 15, 2010

    VIDEO: Charles H. Spurgeon – On false teachers/false prophets

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:15-20

    For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears. And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified. Acts 20:29-32

    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 1 Timothy 4:1

    Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, colossians 2:18

    Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was England’s best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1854, just four years after his conversion, Spurgeon, then only 20, became pastor of London’s famed New Park Street Church (formerly pastored by the famous Baptist theologian John Gill). The congregation quickly outgrew their building, moved to Exeter Hall, then to Surrey Music Hall. In these venues Spurgeon frequently preached to audiences numbering more than 10,000—all in the days before electronic amplification. In 1861 the congregation moved permanently to the newly constructed Metropolitan Tabernacle.

    This Video is part of groupblog author Pastor Jeff Klutts’s video and article series titled “Wolves in Wool”. I think this video is probably the best resource on the subject of “What is Faith” from this blog. Jeff not only exegetes the meaning of faith from several biblical passages, he also deals with about a dozen or so quotes from Word of Faith teachers on the subject of faith.

    I cannot say enough about the quality of teaching that Jeff has shared with this blog and it’s visitors. You will be extremely blessed if you visit Jeffs RETURNINGKING.COM.

    Jeff has turned two of his teaching series into books. The Returning King and Spirit World. And since the books are essentially his article series, both books are available for FREE READING. And he is now finishing up the book Wolves in Wool which comes from his article and video series that is on this blog. Jeff is currently doing two new video series called “The Gospel Truth” and “Interpreting the Bible“. He also has a couple of other completed video teaching series.

    And you can watch these teaching series as they are streamed live at  

    Which is essentially an online TV channel for services at the church Jeff pastors, First Baptist Church Needville TX, USA –

    As you can see there are many reasons to visit and bookmark Jeff’s blog RETURNINGKING.COM.

    I have really enjoyed brother Jeffs teachings. I hope you do also. Jeff really does a good job on the subject of Faith in the following video.

    Wolves in Wool 3 – Faith, the Omnipotent Entity from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

    Posted by: TWotWoF VIDEO ROW | July 15, 2010

    VIDEO: What is the Gospel? Is the Gospel the Word of Faith?

    “They’.. label the ‘Word of faith’ as a ‘movement’…but the Gospel is the Word of Faith..according to the Apostle Paul”

    This is part of a comment I received at YouTube. You can see the larger quote and my article and video response to this claim here.

    We must be careful when we read. This statement is evidence of this. It would be totally correct to say “The Word of Faith is the Gospel”. But to say “the Gospel is the Word of Faith” is rank heresy and a total inversion and perversion of what Scripture teaches.

    This video clearly portrays the Gospel. ALL OF THE GOSPEL. (ie. the “Full Gospel”).

    Q&A with Alan Cairns are brief, straightforward, Bible-based, video answers presented in a conversational format that deal with a broad range of difficult questions that face Christians today

    Posted by: Damon Whitsell | July 14, 2010

    Joel Osteen’s La Vi Da Loca! by Acidri’s Blog

    When talk show host Oprah Winfrey so much as spits on a book it immediately catches fire. The ashes can so much as sell for a lump sum that can earn you enough money for  an early retirement. In 2006 an Australian Rhonda Byrne got much more than she bargained for when she wrote the New Age self help book, The Secret.  Her book did not get spat on. No. The book got featured not once but twice on the Oprah Winfrey show and (wait for this) by the Spring of 2007 the book had sold almost 4 million copies, and the DVD had sold more than 2 million copies. Byrne was listed among Time Magazine’s list of 100 people who shaped the world in 2007.

    Byrne writes, “Disease cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state.” But be warned: “If you have a disease and you are focusing on it and talking to people about it, you are going to create more disease cells.” The tenet of the book is that an individual’s focused positive thinking can result in life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, happiness and more.

    Wait a minute that sounds so much like Word of Faith you say. Isn’t that what modern day evangelicals are doing these days? The health, wealth and prosperity gospel is synonymous with the Word of Faith theology which is perhaps the fastest brand of Christianity with about 147 million followers in Africa (according to Christianity Today magazine). They make up more than a fourth of Nigeria’s population, more than a third of South Africa’s, and a whopping 56 percent of Kenya’s.

    “One of the greatest distinguishing marks of a false prophet is that he will always tell you what you want to hear, he will never rain on your parade, he will get you clapping, he will get you jumping, he will make you dizzy, he will keep you entertained, & he will present a Christianity to you that will make your church look like a Six Flags over Jesus.” –Paul Washer

    Through faith and positive confession, so goes the ideology, we can obtain anything we want — health, wealth, success, or whatever we please. The formula is simply: “Say it, Do it, Receive it, and Tell it.” Rhonda on the other hand explains that this New Age technique is the law of attraction, which is the principle that “like attracts like.” Rhonda calls it “the most powerful law in the universe.” The principle is that we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are fuelled by our thoughts—which means our thoughts are the most powerful things we have here on earth.

    Word of faith allegations are heretical and differ from Biblical orthodoxy. God wants you to be rich is the mantra. “He [also] wants His children to eat the best, He wants them to wear the best clothing, He wants them to drive the best cars, and He wants them to have the best of everything.”  ”That’s the reason why I drive a Rolls Royce,” boasts a mega church pastor.

    Read More…

    Posted by: Damon Whitsell | July 14, 2010

    The Error of a Prosperity Gospel by Gospel Assembly Church

    God gave the continent of Africa to Brother Lloyd Goodwin. By that, I mean that he was the first true man of God, from the corporal-corporate body of Christ, to come to Africa for nearly 2000 years. He stepped into a hotel conference room in a Nairobi hotel in 1978 and began to blast out a foundation of truth and New Testament order.

    That was nearly thirty years ago. Some may decide to leave that foundation. They might not tell you they are doing so, but if they preach something different, and conduct their services after a different order, then they have moved off the foundational teachings of this body. Yet the foundation of the Lord standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth those who are His. II Timothy 2:19. For the body of Christ to continue to operate, and to grow, we must continue to build upon the right foundation. Paul said in I Corinthians 3:11, “No other foundation can be laid.” And truly, no other foundation can build the true body of Christ, than the foundation laid in this continent nearly 30 years ago. Ephesians 2:20 says that the true work of God is to be built on the foundation of apostles, prophets, and Jesus Christ.

    Now, 30 years down the road, a new gospel has been brought to this continent. It did not originate in the body of Christ, and we do not want it to contaminate the body of Christ. It is a prosperity gospel preached by a fast-growing Pentecostal movement.

    In fact, prosperity-tinged Pentecostalism is the fasting growing religion in Africa, growing even faster than Islam. Of the 890 million people in Africa, 147 million are now what they call “renewalists.” That figure is from a 2006 study from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. The term, “renewalist,” includes both Pentecostals and charismatics. Renewalists make up more than one-fourth of Nigeria’s population, more than one-third of South Africa’s population and an amazing 56% of Kenya’s population. This growth of religion is nothing short of astounding.

    Read More…

    Posted by: Damon Whitsell | July 14, 2010

    Two New Ex-Word of Faith Websites

    THE LIST IS GROWING!!! There are two new websites from Ex-Word of Faith Movement followers. We have added them to our blogroll and would like to feature them to the readers of this blog.

    1.  Freedom from Wolves

    Danny is currently writing his testimony to be posted on his blog and our Testimony Page


    Kevin has a website on Freewebs. You can already view Kevin’s Testimony here on this blogs Testimony Page.

    Please give these guys a visit and a shoutout to let them know they are appreciated for sharing their experiences in the WoF movement with us.

    May God richly bless you, Danny and Kevin


    There is a new youtube channel and blog ministry called saffron planet. They did a really good video interview of Justin Peters It is supposed to be a 10 part series but they loaded up four videos in a few weeks and have not posted any more since. I really, really liked this interview,, it is good to get to see Justin as he speaks and interacts with the interviewers.If they add more video for this series, I will make another post.

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